Shalom and Welcome!

As a Rabbi and Cantor, I strive to bring meaning to people’s lives through joyful and inclusive services, a connection to Jewish tradition, and personalized education and instruction. My hope is that you will find resources and guidance here that will be helpful to you and your family!

I am based in Princeton, NJ, and am able to travel throughout NJ, PA, NY, and beyond for those wishing a destination life-cycle event. I am honored to help people through the challenge of end-of-life rituals and funerals and unveilings. And I delight in performing weddings and working with students for private religious education and B-Mitzvah preparation. I give lessons in person and via Zoom, so you can be anywhere!

Please join my email list and feel free to reach out at any time using the form below or by calling me at 609-577-6842. I would be delighted to connect with you personally!

— Rabbi Adrienne : )