Wondering what it is like to work with Rabbi Adrienne or have her officiate at your service or ceremony? Here is what some of her past students and congregants have said.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Rabbi Adrienne Rubin.  As the mother of a Dyslexic child I was unsure of how my daughter would be able to meaningfully learn what she needed to know for her Bat Mitzvah.  Not only was Rabbi Adrienne an amazing teacher, she made it really fun!  My daughter was prepared, but more importantly confident and excited to read Torah in front of our community.  Rabbi Adrienne officiated a personal, meaningful and inclusive service that all (Jewish and non-Jewish) enjoyed.  We are so thankful to her for making this important day so special!” – Melissa P.

“From what I know of your teaching me, you are not only a teacher, but a great one. I know, it’s a bit cliche to say this, but it’s true. I would walk down the concrete steps in your front yard, my head still buzzing about what you had told me. Often times, this happens to me with a subject in biology or chemistry, or sometimes a really good book I’m reading for English class. This feeling is magical. I get it when I want to dunk my head further into what I have just learned, I don’t get it often. But I got it with you.” — Sarah R.

“Rabbi Adrienne was a joy for our son Alex to work with. She kept him fully engaged and motivated. She encouraged independent thinking and examination about what it meant to become a Bar Mitzvah. Alex was spot on prepared for his big day and Rabbi Adrienne ran a beautiful service. My cousin from Pittsburgh was so impressed she said it was the nicest service she has ever been to and considered asking Rabbi Adrienne to marry her daughter the next year. Alex has continued with Torah studies with Rabbi Adrienne this year and they clearly have a deep bond, stemming from their time together. And by the way, my wife, Terese, who is from Sweden, took Hebrew lessons with Rabbi Adrienne as well.” – Jeff G.

“Everyone kept talking about how they appreciated the way Rabbi Adrienne conducted the Bat Mitzvah ceremony. She made it educational by explaining different parts of the service yet kept it moving along. It really kept people engaged. Friends and even family who had never seen the Torah scroll up close were so enthused to have the opportunity to view it during a designated portion of the service. This was a nice personal touch by Rabbi Adrienne”. – Jessica E.

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